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San Antonio
Station Alliance

We want a new BART and regional rail station built at 14th Ave. in Oakland's San Antonio neighborhood. Let your voice be heard if you do too!

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Non-white residents

The San Antonio neighborhood is a majority community of color that has been historically excluded from accessible transit options, leaving residents who need it most without adequate transportation.


People per square mile

We are a dense, diverse, underserved, and growing population. Transit access will open up access to jobs and housing for our residents, as well as increase safety and economic vitality.

2.7 mi.

Between nearest stops

 The proposed station's close proximity to various local and regional destinations, including the Oakland waterfront, Brooklyn Basin, San Antonio Park, and Highland Hospital, cements its role as a crucial location for regional access.

We need Oakland's support.

14th Avenue in East Oakland sits in the middle of the longest stretch of BART track in Oakland without a station - nearly 3 miles! Our community continues to grow, and we have an increasing need for safe, reliable, efficient, and accessible transit options that will connect us to the rest of the region. SASA is a group of citizens actively engaged in the effort to  prioritize, fund, and build a station at 14th Avenue. As we speak, regional transportation agencies are in the process of developing plans to determine where the next regional transit lines and stations will be built around the Bay Area.

We believe a regional rail station in the San Antonio neighborhood along the existing BART and Amtrak tracks is an essential project for both the local community and the larger region. We are urging our transportation agency leaders and elected officials to prioritize, fund, and build San Antonio Station to bring a much-needed mobility option and economic development opportunity to our historically underserved community. 

Sign the petition today.

Transportation is an Equity Issue.

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What needs to be done?

Where we are

A new station is going to take a lot of buy-in from various public agencies and elected officials. The first step to getting this station built is to get it into upcoming regional plans such as Link21, Transit 2050+, and the BART Strategic Plan. This is going to require putting pressure on these agencies and public officials via our neighborhood petition and public participation during the community outreach and engagement phase of these plans.

Down the track

With this first step in place, we can begin identifying funding for a station feasibility study, detailed designs, and - eventually - the construction of the station in our neighborhood.


It's a long process, but we're committed to seeing it through!


Join SASA and let your voice be heard!

We have a lot of ways for you to get involved and support this project. From walking around your neighborhood, talking to people and business owners to sharing our posts on Instagram. Join us and get the word out! Thank you!


How can you help? Consider donating to our campaign with the GoFundMe link! Every little bit helps keep the lights on at the website, and gets us support to print flyers, banners, buttons, all that good stuff. 

We don't have any sponsors, but we would appreciate any help you can offer!

If you prefer to do so privately, please email us here.

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