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San Antonio
Station Alliance

Would you like to see a new train station at 14th Avenue in the San Antonio neighborhood? So does SASA! Learn more about it here, and let your voice be heard!

We need Oakland's support.

14th Avenue in East Oakland sits in the middle of the longest stretch of track in Oakland without a station --nearly 3 miles! Our community has grown, and we have increased needs for accessible transport; namely from BART, Amtrak, and other municipal lines. 

SASA is a group of citizens actively engaged in getting a station at 14th Avenue prioritized, funded and built. Transportation agencies such as Link 21 and Transportation 2050 are examining ridership needs and planning out strategies for the future.


We believe an infill station at San Antonio on the current BART line is an important project that needs promotion and prioritization. We are imploring leaders to get the San Antonio station underway for the betterment of our neighborhoods. 

Sign the petition today.

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What needs to be done?

A new station is going to take a lot of buy-in from various agencies, and first step is a feasibility study. A feasibility study will provide an independent assessment that examines all aspects of a new station, including technical, economic, financial, legal, and environmental considerations.

With this first step in place, we can show planners a pressing need to built this infill station.

It's a long process, but we're committed to see it through.

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Want to help?

You might have seen these flyers around town. We're trying to get our message out there to spread awareness, and of course sign the petition. Would you like to print some out and distribute to your neighborhood? That would be awesome! You can download it here, or use this Canva link.


Support San Antonio Station .

Want your voice to be heard? Here's what you can do.

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Add your name to our petition. We have a growing list of people who are in support of San Antonio Station. 

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Hear more about our organization, and get updates on meetings and events!

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If you are a local business, contact us so we can showcase your logo here!

Latest News.

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