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Why a new station?

Population growth and a thriving community demand it.

14th Avenue sits at a historically underserved transit corridor in the San Antonio district of East Oakland. Population in the area has increased dramatically, and residents need convenient access to the rest of the Bay Area.

This three mile stretch between Lake Merritt and Fruitvale is predominantly low-income, transit-dependent, and among the most diversely and densely populated "urban" areas in the Bay Area. It's probably the densest area in the East Bay without a BART station. And it happens to have tracks already running at grade right through it. The immediately surrounding neighborhoods include San Antonio, Clinton, Little Saigon, and the Highland Hospital area, among others. There may not be office towers, but there are lots of jobs, homes, and local transit connections.

The distance between Lake Merritt and Fruitvale stations is the longest within Oakland. A new stop at 14th Ave./ San Antonio would connect with bus lines, and ease commuter traffic to and from the rest of the Bay Area.


Local public services such as schools, hotels, Highland Hospital, and local business districts would all benefit from this stop.

Why now?

Planning is underway.
Your voice needs to be heard!

Serious transportation restructuring is underway by Bay Area transit agencies for system improvements to regional rail. This includes commuter, intercity, and high-speed rail lines.


Our goal is to prioritize the approval and construction of the San Antonio/ 14th Ave. infill station, that will serve BART and potentially other rail lines, such as Amtrak.

First steps.

steps to station.png

Feasibility Study:

A feasibility study will help get agency buy-in buy showing the necessity of this station. We need someone to conduct and sponsor this study.

  • Technical requirements: The technical requirements of the project, including gas, electric, sewage, and other municipal services


  • Market conditions: The potential market gap and demand, including ridership, competition, environment, and revenue projections


  • Alternatives: Potential problems and circumstances that could lead to project delays or failure, and alternative solutions


  • Legal requirements: Legal requirements and tax obligations


  • Schedule: How much time a project like this needs

Oakland's support:

With the endorsement of our councilperson Nikki Bas, Oakland City Council, and the office of the mayor, project coordination with Alameda County can truly begin, and the station could take shape.


Businesses and organizations in the area are in strong support of this station. Will you join them? Contact us with your name and logo, we'll do the rest!

Business Owner

Are you a business owner interested in supporting San Antonio Station?

Contact us and we can feature your business here!

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