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Petition for an infill station at 14th Avenue, San Antonio district, Oakland 

Read the petition below, sign, and share it with other members of the community. Your voice matters, and we appreciate your support.

To: Nikki Bas, District 2 and the City Council of Oakland
From: San Antonio Station Alliance

To: Nikki Fortunato-Bas, The City Council of Oakland, Mayor Sheng Thao, AC Transit, BART
From: San Antonio Station Alliance

We are writing to you today to bring your attention to a critical issue facing the residents of Oakland, particularly the underserved community around 14th Avenue. We urgently need your support to create a new train station that will serve rail lines such as BART, and address one of the longest stretches of rail in Oakland without a station.

Imagine a vibrant and connected community, where residents can easily commute to work, access educational institutions, explore new job opportunities, and enjoy the countless cultural and recreational resources our city has to offer. By establishing a train station at 14th Avenue, we can turn this vision into a reality.

Here are the key reasons why this petition is of utmost importance:

1. Filling a Desperate Void: The absence of a train station along this extended stretch leaves countless residents stranded, relying heavily on inefficient and overcrowded alternatives. Establishing a station here will bridge the gap and connect communities that have long been ignored, providing them with a reliable and convenient mode of transportation.

2. Promoting Equitable Access: This initiative represents a golden opportunity to prioritize equity and inclusivity. The historically underserved community around 14th Avenue deserves the same level of access and opportunities as other neighborhoods in Oakland. By creating a new train station, we can ensure that transportation options are available to all, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

3. Catalyzing Growth and Development: The 14th Avenue area is experiencing significant growth, with new businesses, housing developments, and community centers emerging rapidly. A train station at this strategic location will not only meet the current demands but also act as a catalyst for further economic and social development. It will attract investment, boost property values, and create job opportunities for both existing residents and newcomers.

4. Encouraging Sustainable Commuting: In our era of environmental consciousness, it is essential to provide sustainable transportation alternatives. A new train station at 14th Avenue will encourage residents to choose public transportation over private vehicles, reducing traffic congestion, air pollution, and our carbon footprint. It aligns with our city's commitment to environmental stewardship and a greener future.

By signing this petition, you have the power to make a real difference in the lives of Oakland residents. Your support for the establishment of a train station at 14th Avenue will demonstrate your dedication to equity, sustainable development, and improved quality of life for all.

We implore you to heed our call and take action now. Let us come together as a community and ensure that Oakland's growth and progress are inclusive, sustainable, and beneficial for everyone.

Thank you for your attention and consideration.


San Antonio Station Alliance and the residents of Oakland

*This button will take you to Action Alliance, which is managing our petition.

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