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Rain or Shine, We're Bringing San Antonio Station Closer to Reality

When it rains, it pours.

Wow, this week was busy- not only were there three separate events on Wednesday, but two events this weekend SASA members turned out for.  Despite the atmospheric river, our jobs, families and even a bout of Covid (points to self), SASA’s presence was felt across the city. We’re making excellent inroads. Thank you, members! 

This morning, the annual Valentine’s Day Pancake breakfast down the street at the 11th Ave. Buddha shrine was in full swing, with neighbor Andy B. on the grill.

East Bay for Everyone

SASA founder (and unofficial winner of our neighborhood’s Best Dressed award) took our case to another group interested in San Antonio station. East Bay for Everyone is a network of people fighting for the future of housing, transit, tenant rights, and long-term planning in the East Bay, and their vision is inspirational. I love this quote from their platform: “Let’s fight for that public transit  —  more people on public transit means more on-street storage space for the hunk-of-steel relics of the age of sprawl.” 

The Q and A session was lively, and some attendees gave us great suggestions for further outreach opportunities, plus EB4E and East Bay YIMBY are giving us a shout-out in their newsletters. Chae gave our newly minted 5-slide presentation to EB4E, highlighting the equity issue: a 79.2% non-white and transit-dependent community like ours desperately needs better access to the transit systems that literally pass through our backyard. Thanks to EB4E for having us, and excellent work, Chae!

Member outreach makes waves

We would also like to thank the people who are enthusiastic about spreading our message and showed up for us at events across East Oakland. Team member A.W. braved the pouring rain to visit Harmony of Heritage: Lunar New Year and Black History Celebration, a joint event put on by Asian Health Services and West Oakland Health. A.W. has connected us with the San Antonio Oakland Neighbors, and has been a huge booster of our cause for months. They even made some stickers with our petition QR code! Love this energy- brings me back to the days of buying ‘zines at the cool record store. (I am 1000 years old).

But that’s not all! Member Xander Boutelle came out to a community open house by the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation for the new 100% affordable housing development at East 12th St. He spoke with our councilwoman Nikki Fortunato-Bas and members of her team, telling them all about our project. It turns out, A.W. isn’t the only bootlegger- Xander made his own “Ask me” t shirt on Zazzle. I think if you buy one he gets some $$, so go for it!

It's Nikki! Dedicated turnout for the E. 12th St Development.

We are so grateful to all our members who have offered their support, expertise, and passion for San Antonio Station. One member offered to do a station rendering, another to help us with our social media, and it has made an impact– politicians are listening! 

We appreciate you, and we’re building the plane of our organization as we’re flying it, so thank you for sticking with us! In the meantime, please join our Google Group for further support and contact with other members. 

What can you do to help? 

  • Talk to local shopkeepers about getting their endorsement. 

  • Let us know about any upcoming meetings we should be at.

  • Like, share, and tag your local reps with our Instagram (@sanantoniostation) stories. Politicians check their socials!

  • Volunteer to table at farmer’s markets, flea markets, festivals and events.

  • Share the Petition. (link to petition) We really need those signatures to show leadership that we are strong in number.

QR Code to our petition ^^

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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